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It all began one late night (or early morning) in a bar (you know- where all great ideas begin)....


since 2007


After beginning culinary school, and putting plans on hold due to a family illness, Kim Herard starting working at a local bar to pay the bills. After getting off of work in the wee hours of the morning and having very limited options of restaurants to choose from, a dream hatched.

A few months later, she met her husband as a co-worker in that very bar, and together they purchased their very first food truck and brought it all the way from Denver, Colorado.

Midnight Munchies spent 10 years outside of the most popular bars and clubs in Midland and when the oil business took off in 2009, so did this growing business.

The food truck eventually grew into a catering company (Indulgence Catering), then another food truck (Munchies), then an event center (The Hall at Briarwood) and a diner (Gloria's Diner). The Indulgence Catering brand can fill any food/event need you might have and continues to grow and meet clients needs today. We sold the food trucks in 2023 to move to fully brick and mortar, but the legacy lives on!

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